Monday, May 26, 2008

Four More Languages Added

Withing the last few days 4 more languages were included into our multilingual transliteration service:

Together with Russian, Ukrainian and Armenian converters, the total amount of supported alphabets reaches seven.

As always, we are expecting our users to test the new additions and provide us with their feedback.


Anonymous said...

Dear translit team! I have discovered your resource recently, and think this is a great transliteration tool! I am working in the library and recommended it already to many of my colleagues. However, I have discovered a significant problem today with some of the letters in the Ukrainian tranliteration. In the library we use Library of Congress transliteration/Romanization tables, which are used in the whole North American continent as a uniform means of transliteration (see Worldcat from OCLC). Do you think it would be possible for you to adapt to LC system, so our cataloguers as well as many others could use your great tool for their everyday work? (or maybe create an alternative transliteration table for Ukrainian according to the LC romanization table) I would appreciate your reply. Here is Ukrainian transliteration system from LC: This are the problematic characters I have noticed in your Ukrainian transliteration table: Є = IE, Ї= I, Й=I, Х= KH, Ц= TS, Щ = SHCH, Ю= IU, Я=IA

architect-tj said...

Hi, I searched for Tajik Translit but could not found it, I tried to edit the verstion and here it is. I would be glad to see similar Tajik Translit in your site.
here is the link: Tajik Translit