Monday, May 26, 2008

Four More Languages Added

Withing the last few days 4 more languages were included into our multilingual transliteration service:

Together with Russian, Ukrainian and Armenian converters, the total amount of supported alphabets reaches seven.

As always, we are expecting our users to test the new additions and provide us with their feedback.

Friday, May 16, 2008

New Address and New Features

Today our Translit service moved to the brand new cool address: TRANSLIT.CC. The Russian Translit still will be available some time via the old address, however it's better to memorize the new one. The Ukrainian Translit and Armenian Translit versions are moved as well to the new addresses.

For those who own websites and want to integrate our solution into their site we have now Translit widgets. There are also Armenian and Ukrainian versions available. On the same pages webmasters will find our banners to place on their sites.

The last, but not least, feature is a Translit bookmarklet. Bookmarklet is a shortcut placed on your browser's Bookmarks Toolbar or Links Bar. When you click on it the light version of our transliteration converter pops-up. Thus, now you initiate our transliterator by a single mouse click. And of course this is available for Armenian and Ukrainian versions as well.